Rush Schedule

Call us for pickup

Isaac Rosado: (520) 820-2007

Daniel Lerner: (713) 405-9756

Find us at 28 Fenway, Boston

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1:15PM Pool Tournament
3:30PM FIFA/Smash Tournament
6:00PM Steak and Lobster Dinner
8:00PM Glow-in-the-Dark Frisbee
10:00PM Waffle Night


11:00AM Pizza & Paintballin'
2:00PM Stoopin'
3:00PM Rock Climbing
6:00PM Donut Burgers and Smoothies
8:00PM Comedy Club
10:00PM Waffle Night


11:00AM Glow in the Dark Mini-Golf
1:00PM Ultimate Frisbee and Grilling
2:30PM Bubble Soccer
4:00PM Poker Tournament
7:00PM A Taste of Italy
10:00PM Waffle Night


7:00PM Brazilian Dinner
8:00PM Prudential Skywalk Observatory
10:00PM Waffle Night


7:00PM Stoopin'
10:00PM Waffle Night


10:00PM Waffle Night


6:00PM Bid Dinner*

*By invitation only

About Rush

Rush is a great time to get excited about Greek Life at MIT and see which fraternity fits you best. Come over and experience the unique culture at Sigma Nu! We've got awesome events like Paintball and Kayaking to make your Rush week an incredible experience. We're excited to meet potential new brothers and hope you're pumped for a jam-packed week!