Welcome to the MIT Chapter of the Sigma Nu Fraternity. Chartered in 1995, Sigma Nu at MIT is home to a highly diverse group of undergraduate students from all corners of the earth who are motivated by the same basic drives: the drive to succeed at the highest academic levels regardless of the area of study, to excel athletically and artistically and to work arm-in-arm with community and MIT leaders to raise Institute standards to even greater heights. These shared values serve to create an in-house synergy that encourages brothers to pursue their passions and to discover unexpected interests.

Students studying and socializing from 28 The Fenway, a stunning Back Bay mansion overlooking Red Sox ball park find refuge from the academic rigors of the day in the camaraderie of brothers and the elegant quiet of the House. 28 The Fenway is at the center of the Boston social scene, allowing brothers to form lasting friendships with a wide range of students and future world leaders. From varsity athletes to campus leaders, Sigma Nu is home to some of the best and brightest that MIT has to offer, brothers who go on to carve new paths in business, the arts, science and medicine.

Since the time of our founding in 1869, we hold fast to the ideals of Love, Truth and Honor, values that serve to prepare brothers to transform society with passion and integrity.